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Kangaroo Kids 

International Preschool



Billabong High

International School


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Ameer Ahmed

Community Preschool



Finland International

School Maldives


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Iqra International



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Foundation for

a Better Future


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Teaching Tube


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"For us, education is a labour of love stemming from a deep seeded passion that gives us the greatest sense of joy and satisfaction knowing each and every day at work, we witness our children discovering meaning in life and reaching their true potential."

Mr. Abdul Rasheed


The first private company to open an international school in the capital city of Maldives, Male.

IE grew to become the largest private educator in the country and today runs multiple educational institutions teaching from ages 0 to 18 across the country and; a foundation to provide underprivileged and differently abled children access to quality education.

"Each Child is Unique and Each Child Learns Differently"

We believe all students are gifted and they can achieve and be leaders in their unique area of talent. IE celebrates the holistic vision of education to be the single greatest enabler of social and economic growth in any nation.

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