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Twinkle Star

The Twinkle Star program is designed for Gifted children between the ages of 2 to 6. We believe each child is gifted with one of the many multiple talents children possess. This specialized program help children engage in enrichment activities outside school hours in their stronger talents.


It is based on Howard Gardner’s ground breaking research on Multiple Intelligences and introduces age appropriate, but an accelerated curricula in Arts - Music- Cognitive activities, Maths and Logic and Language (Foreign Languages included).


Twinkle Star runs parallel to our regular preschool program as an after school program and recommends education enrichment plans for gifted children by collaborating with preschools. 


To learn more about Twinkle Star


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Academy of Arts, Music and Theatre

Academy of Music, Arts and Theatre (AMT) is the continuation of multiple talent, intelligence and gifted program for children who progress from Twinkle Star to primary and secondary school in IE World School.


AMT offers internationally renowned programs in Music, Arts and Theatre who wish to accelerate their talent and skill. 




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