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Engaging activities for children of all ages to show their skills and creativity!

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Face painting

Haunted House

Henna art

Ring toss

Goal shoot

Obstacle course

Cookie decorating

Trivia challenges

and many more



Future of Education


Dr Päivi Nilivaara

Educational Consultant & Researcher

With extended experience as a primary teacher and a principal in primary education - her research interests focus on future learning and school improvement, and she is specialised in curriculum development, teacher training and 21st-century competences and pedagogy. 
Päivi Nilivaara is also an internationally recognized curriculum development expert and keynote speaker. She has supported curriculum reforms and led training and coaching programs for principals and teachers in various countries worldwide.


Mr. Vili Kurkela

Director of Pedagogy and Learning Innovation, Finland International School Maldives

Prior to his work in Maldives, Vili was a class teacher, member of school leader board and member of the Municipality Board of Curriculum in the City of Akaa, Finland. Vili earned a Masters’ degree of Education from University of Tampere, Finland. Having worked in all different stages in the Finnish education system, from nursery to High School, and in different positions from assistant teacher to school leadership - his expertise is in helping students become aware and mindful of their own learning, and to go beyond acquiring knowledge for their studies to actually using it to create something unique.


Mr.Ahmed Adhly Rasheed

Executive Director, Islanders Education

As the Executive Director of Islanders Education, Adhly has worked with the company to establish schools in the Maldives the past 15 years. He has over seen the overall strategic development of the organisation in the development of Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, Billabong High International School, Finland International School Maldives and Ameer Ahmed Preschool. Adhly also co-founded Hologo World, a leading digital education company and Educonnect Global, a company involved in promoting Finnish education in Asia.


How to make your child's
iPad safe!


Mr. Zain Zareer

Head of Product & Education, Hologo World Inc.

Zain Zareer brings a unique blend of aeronautical engineering expertise and a deep understanding of primary and secondary STEM education to his role at Hologo World Inc. With a Master's degree from Imperial College London, he is committed to merging advanced digital technologies—such as interactive 3D, AR, VR, and MR—with educational content to create immersive learning experiences. His goal is to enhance students' engagement and comprehension in STEM subjects, ensuring a seamless integration of modern technology into education.


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