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Billabong High International School

Billabong High delivers learning systems for Primary School [Grade 1-4], Middle School [Grade 5-8] and Senior School [Grade 9-12].


Billabong High was created as a journey forward with the aim to fire the imagination of children. The continuing goal is to create meaningful and rewarding learning experiences that will remain with the children for the rest of their life. The aim is to create a purpose of learning and allow children to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers and to orchestrate experiences that will result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking. Overall, we aim to equip all our students with the necessary 21st century life skills.


All Billabong High, schools are equipped with infrastructure required to implement the curriculum in its intended spirit. We also ensure that school bags are kept light by keeping resources like textbooks, workbooks, craft articles,etc. in class and letting children take home only required worksheets and reference material. 




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Our Curriculum



Kangaroo Kids International Preschool

Kangaroo Kids Preschools revolve around action-based learning using innovative teaching methods.


Our pre-schools are recognized by mainstream schools as institutions that produce confident, creative and eager learners. They incorporate path-breaking research on the way the brain processes information. The critical years of learning are from birth to age of five, which constitute the Kangaroo Kids preschool years.


KKEL instills a lifelong love for learning in its students. It rejects the idea that a uniform learning experience is good enough for all children. Instead, at KKEL the focus is on customizing learning, keeping in mind that each child is unique and learns differently. 




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Our Curriculum




Baby Genius


Teaching begins when children go to school, but learning begins at birth.


Baby Genius is an innovative and path-breaking program that accelerates developmental milestones of newborns, infants and toddlers.


The program takes 3 leading research on developmental milestones in this age group - Glenn Doman, BrillKids and Creative Curriculum - and combines them into one comprehensive curriculum that generates outstanding results. 


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