Since 2015, Islanders Education together with the Foundation For A Better Future has annually held the largest one-of-a-kind symposium in the Maldives bringing together school leaders, educators and teachers from schools across the Maldives. This year, we are going online to help provide insight to parents, teachers and students on the role of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First time in the Maldives,

A series of webinars for school communities


  • Mr. Abdul Chohan

    Director of ThinkSimple

  • Mr. Chris Dyson

    Head Teacher of Parklands Primary School

  • Mr. Jon Tait

    Deputy Head Teacher and Director of Teaching School, Acklam Grange School, UK

  • Ms. Lina Ashar

    Founder - Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High

  • Mr. Hussain Afeef

    Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance of LUX* Resorts and Hotels

  • Mr. Adam Naseer

    Director, Auditor General's Office, Head of institute of Audit and Assurance

  • Ms. Mariam Mohamed

    EdTech Specialist

  • Mr. Eedham Rasheed

    CEO, Hologo World Inc

  • Ms. Aminath Manik

    Forensic Psychologist, Founder of True Mind

  • Ms. Nada Shareef

    Psychologist - Thibaa Psychology

  • Ms. Fathmath Nizam (Aunty)

    Hiking Enthusiast

  • Ms. Aminath Irasha

    Senior Manager, Learning & Development of Islanders Education



Sunday, 10th May
2100 - 2130
Who do you want to become out of this crisis- COVID19?

Mr. Hussain Afeef

Monday, 11th May
1600 - 1615
Ina miss aa eku Vaahaka Kiyamaa

Ms. Inasha Rafeeu

Monday, 11th May
2030 - 2100
Teachers, wear your own oxygen mask first

Ms. Lina Ashar

Tuesday, 12th May
1400 - 1430
Be Mindfully Calm

Ms. Nada Shareef

Tuesday, 12th May
2100 - 2130
Let's keep moving

Ms. Fathmath Nizam (Aunty)

Wednesday, 6th May
1600 - 1615
Story-time with Teacher Lisa

Ms. Lisa Lewis

Wednesday, 13th May
2100 - 2130
Developing the Exceptional Parent within Ourselves in these Extraordinary Times

Ms. Mariam Mohamed

All events are for free

We will be updating schedules of the coming weeks